Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Variable, depending on your 30 day(s) sales volume.
Base commission Starting at 15.00% and based on sales volume
Additional terms Commission tiers are calculated for each calendar month as follows:

15% base payout for up to 10 sales transactions in a calendar month.

20% payout for up to 25 sales transactions in a calendar month

25% payout for above 25 sales transactions in a calendar month

BATTLE SHAKERS Ambassador Agreement

This agreement contains the terms and conditions that apply to your

participation as an ambassador for BATTLE SHAKERS 

1.) BATTLE SHAKERS Enrollment

The first step in becoming a BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador is applying through our online

form application. Once submitted, the marketing team here at BATTLE SHAKERS will review

the person's application and will notify the person who applied in less than a

week on whether they have been approved or rejected. BATTLE SHAKERS may deny your

application if we believe you are not a reasonable fit for our program or

company for whatever reason. If we do happen to deny your application, you may

apply again in the future and there is no limit to the amount of times one may

apply. After conditional approval, ambassador will be required to provide a completed 

W-9 Tax Form before final approval into the program. 

2.) Promotion of the BATTLE SHAKERS Brand

For all BATTLE SHAKERS approved ambassadors, we will make marketing content and material

available for you. There will be a drop box set up for all ambassadors to

access pictures, banners, etc for use of promotional material drive sales and

discount code uses. Ambassadors may use their own pictures as well to promote

their discount code and personal sales. Ambassadors may not use pictures that

cast negative attention to BATTLE SHAKERS. This could include pictures, videos, or

captions that contain BATTLE SHAKERS products along with inappropriate content. Inappropriate

content published with BATTLE SHAKERS products can be determined by the marketing staff

at BATTLE SHAKERS. An Ambassador’s relationship with BATTLE SHAKERS may end at any time if the

staff at BATTLE SHAKERS determines the ambassador is posting inappropriate content as

stated in the previous sentences. 

3.) Prohibited Sites  


-Sites that promote illegal activities        

-Sites that promote violence                                                                                                                                                                  -Sites which make medical claims in regard to

  BATTLE SHAKERS products         

-Sites that promote discrimination based on race,

-sex, religion, national origin, or physical disability       

-Sites that promote sexually explicit material

4.) Spam

BATTLE SHAKERS ambassadors agree not to use SPAM while promoting the brand and BATTLE SHAKERS 

products. This will bring immediate termination of BATTLE SHAKERS Ambassador account

with cancelled pending commissions. BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador will also violate the BATTLE SHAKERS 

ambassador agreement and will be subject to legal action and held liable for

any financial loss incurred by The Company.

5.) Our Responsibilities 

BATTLE SHAKERS will be responsible for processing every order placed by a customer using

the ambassadors discount code or link. We will also be responsible for tracking

the number of transactions and amount of sales generated by your discount code

as well as providing information to BATTLE SHAKERS ambassadors regarding sales

statistics. We will be responsible for customer service, shipping, returns,

cancellations, and order entry. We will also be responsible for generating

pictures and content for the ambassadors to post on their social media


6.) Compliance with the Agreement

BATTLE SHAKERS have the right to monitor your site at any time to determine if you are

following the terms of this Agreement. BATTLE SHAKERS will monitor for compliance.

BATTLE SHAKERS Ambassador Program Rules

and Regulations:

It is crucial that every approved BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador

upholds to the highest possible standards during this promotion. 

The following Best Practices must be followed while promoting BATTLE SHAKERS:

-DO NOT social media spam or junk Spam

-Cast yourself in a positive manner while promoting the BATTLE SHAKERS brand

-Be authentic to yourself and your audience

-Disclose your affiliation with BATTLE SHAKERS on your website, Instagram, Facebook, or

 YouTube channel when promoting the products

-Do Not represent yourself in a negative or misleading manner when promoting BATTLE SHAKERS 


NOTE: Commission will not be paid if the approved ambassador only joins the BATTLE SHAKERS 

Ambassador program in order to receive discounts for themselves. The staff at BATTLE SHAKERS 

approves each commission on customer transactions and can see if the ambassador

is only out to use the discount code for themselves. 

7.) Sales Reports

You will have access to be able to see your sales statistics daily. We will be

transparent with you in showing every transaction that has occurred with your

personal discount code.

8.) Ambassador's Responsibilities

It is your responsibility as an ambassador for BATTLE SHAKERS to ensure that content on

your site complies.  You may not use

another party's copyrighted material unless you have permission and BATTLE SHAKERS will

not be held responsible for any such violations. 

9.) Pricing and Discount Codes

BATTLE SHAKERS will determine prices for products and ambassadors will have no decision

in the price of BATTLE SHAKERS products. Our prices may vary from time to time, but

discount codes will always stay at the same fixed percentage which is ten

percent. An ambassador’s discount code will be 20 percent off the subtotal

which means that it will not include the cost of shipping and tax. Commission

will also be based off the subtotal of sales and will not include the added

revenue of shipping and tax. For example, if the ambassador is earning

commission then commission earned will be based off the subtotal revenue the ambassador

has brought in with their personal discount code. Shipping revenue and Tax

revenue will not be included for total revenue when calculating commission

payments to ambassadors. 


10.) Publicity

BATTLE SHAKERS ambassadors must first receive our written consent before creating,

publishing, or distributing any written material that refers to BATTLE SHAKERS unless

the material was created by us. BATTLE SHAKERS may choose to end the relationship

between the ambassador and the company if permission is not granted to ambassador

before publishing material.

11.) Sales Platforms    

BATTLE SHAKERS Ambassador must promote BATTLE SHAKERS products at in

order for their discount code to be used. The BATTLE SHAKERS website will be the only

sales platform where the ambassador will have a valid discount code to be

tracked and accounted for. 

12.) The Company's Intellectual Property

You must receive written consent from BATTLE SHAKERS 's Marketing team before making use of any

 Licensed Materials for purposes other than selling products on your site. BATTLE SHAKERS reserves

 the proprietary right and rights in the licensed materials. BATTLE SHAKERS may remove the ambassadors

 license by giving written notice at any time.

13.) Inactivity 

If the ambassador is inactive for a period of 60 days or more with no

transactions made with their personal discount code, then BATTLE SHAKERS may remove the ambassador 

from the program with written notice. BATTLE SHAKERS will be allowed to remove any ambassador if they

 believe there is reason to do so at any time but will first need to

give the ambassador written notice.


BATTLE SHAKERS is in the business of formulating, warehousing, distributing, marketing,and selling as well

as clothing and apparel. The BATTLE SHAKERS Ambassador is in the business of promoting and marketing products

for the company,   BATTLE SHAKERS . BATTLE SHAKERS and the BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador enter this business 

relationship subject to the terms and conditions set forth below:

The term of this Agreement shall commence on the date the ambassador prospect is approved and shall continue 

through its termination. BATTLE SHAKERS engages the ambassador, and ambassador agrees to be engaged, to 

BATTLE SHAKERS. Either party may terminate this Agreement without cause. The BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador agrees

 to provide a 30-day notice in writing if he/she decides to terminate their affiliation. BATTLE SHAKERS may

terminate this Agreement without advance notice. BATTLE SHAKERS Ambassador acknowledges that he/she is an 

independent contractor and that no employer-employee relationship, partnership, or agency relationship is 

created by this Agreement.  


The term "non-compete" as used herein shall mean that the BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador

shall not manage, operate, own, officially represent, or be employed by a

business substantially similar to or competitive in any way with the business

of BATTLE SHAKERS , its ambassadors, or any business activity in which BATTLE SHAKERS may

substantially engage during the term of this agreement.

Non-Solicitation to Customers

BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador agrees not to solicit, directly or indirectly, for any purpose

that is not in the interest of BATTLE SHAKERS, any customers of BATTLE SHAKERS with which the ambassador

had any contact during the term of this Agreement. 


BATTLE SHAKERS will disclose confidential information to ambassador which could include

products, materials, data, vendors, programs, strategies, business plans,

software, applications, specifications, financial information, training

materials, and other information disclosed either orally or in writing to ambassador.

Any information disclosed orally will be considered confidential information,

unless it is said to be non-confidential by BATTLE SHAKERS . Nothing herein shall require

BATTLE SHAKERS to disclose any of its information.

BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador agrees not to share any information that is deemed

confidential by BATTLE SHAKERS. BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador agrees not to photograph, record, or

reproduce any information received from BATTLE SHAKERS. This may include e-mails, chats,

phone calls, or training materials.

BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador agrees the confidential information is to be considered

confidential and proprietary to BATTLE SHAKERS. The ambassador shall not use the

information other than for purposes of its business with BATTLE SHAKERS and shall disclose

it only to the BATTLE SHAKERS Marketing team. The BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador will not disclose or

reveal any of the confidential information received from BATTLE SHAKERS to any other

party except with prior written authorization of BATTLE SHAKERS. Upon the request of BATTLE SHAKERS,

BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador shall return all confidential information received in tangible

form. Obligations of the BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador to not share confidential information

will be effective indefinitely, even after the relationship between BATTLE SHAKERS and

the BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador terminates. 

BATTLE SHAKERS ambassador may not disclose any information including

sales figures, financials, cost, and profit with anyone at BATTLE SHAKERS or outside of

the company without written consent of BATTLE SHAKERS. This also includes information

such as company growth, incentive programs, salaries, number of customers,

sales number, sales contests, or other events. Disclosing any of this

information will be considered a breach of this agreement and subject the ambassador

to damages and reimbursement of BATTLE SHAKERS 's attorney's fees and costs.

This Agreement is binding upon their successors, subsidiaries, ambassadors, and

personal representatives. 

I acknowledge that I have read and fully agree to the terms of this BATTLE SHAKERS Ambassador